Robert Sickler's Experience includes Private events, Corporate Events, Consultation, Bar and Restaurant Staff Training and more. Choose an option below to learn more about his offerings.

Private Tastings & Events

The Voice of Whisky hosts both private and personal tasting events ranging from intimate gatherings to large-scale presentations. Some examples include business meetings, bachelor events, alumni gatherings, corporaye retreats, club meetings, hospitality or culinary courses, cocktail events, spirited dinners and fireside chats. Allow Robert to tailor a tasting that is ideally suited for your occasion.

Menu & Bar Consultation

With over 20 years in the wine and spirits industry, Robert Sickler brings a wealth of experience when offering his insights and strategies to strengthen your bar and menu program. He can tailor a menu that is the perfect fit for your bar or restaurant’s vision and your demographic.


Product Development & Evaluation

Robert Sickler has worked with bars, restaurants, hotels, country clubs, wine and spirits distributors, marketing agencies and suppliers throughout the U.S., promoting a myriad of brands through experiential marketing, spirits education, trade development and day-to-day sales. He possesses valuable insight into the spirits business and can offer detailed advice and analysis of your products that is second to none.







Product Tasting Reviews

The Voice of Whisky will be offering weekly insights into the spirits industry, discussing current trends, new products, and exciting press releases. Collaborate with Robert to review your product and present the results to his audience of followers, all of whom are devout spirits enthusiasts.

Presentations & Appearances

Utilize the Voice of Whisky to present spirit tastings, analysis and reviews through written articles, media interviews, or any other forum that is your preference. Whether it be presented in a light-hearted manner with witty assortment of toasts or a detailed, sophisticated tasting, your brands will benefit from Robert’s warm, engaging delivery.